Jerome, got it!

Sometimes you can use your blog as a virtual marquee for call outs like my message to Jerome.

Been here half a week and I wish I could stay longer.  (Even if the keyboard at this i-cafe is driving me nuts.  Now I wish I had brough the laptop and just ordered a latte at Starbucks)

Any recommendations for waterparks?

In Baguio with my brother Nikky

I got to Manaoag in time for the 6AM mass, got on a van and reached Baguio at just past 9AM.  We had brunch and then set out to find SM Baguio so I can hit an internet cafe to grab a few cellphone numbers and try to free up my memory card of the pictures I have there so we can take more pictures.

The view from SM is just breathtaking and Nikky and I don’t care that we are as touristy as can be.

Will be heading for the market in a while, but trying to savor the breathtaking view of the summer capital’s landscape here on the third floor.  Beautiful!