Feedback Roll

I have fallen terribly behind in reacting to the feedback on this blog, so indulge me please if I do it all in one fell swoop:

Feeback on Subway Stories from Jerome:

the interesting thing about watching people on public transportation or simply waiting in terminals or bus/train stops is that it makes me ask: are they running away from or going to some one or some place? baywalk tayo ha once you come home… 🙂

Jerome, that’s an interesting thought.  I usually stick to “What are they thinking about?” and “Where are they headed?”  I got your cell number, you’ll get a text from me.  More subway stories coming.

From fellow balikbayan Jayred:

Wow, four balikbayan boxes! That’s great, Dinna. Enjoy your Philippine vacation to the hilt!

Breathe in all the polluted air you can get while there, hehe. 🙂

Jayred, I’ve been “basking” in it so much that I feel an asthma attack creeping up on me! Don’t worry, I already went to Mercury Drug to get my inhaler and will go back for some Orofar L.