On being an Ateneo grad and taking the NY Bar Exam

I am trying to resist responding to comments for now because I have around 2 dozen posts waiting to be written, pictures to be uploaded, etc.  But there’s this one questions which I can’t resist answering.

Pam visited us last May 5 and asked:

Since you are an Ateneo graduate, are you eligible to take the New York bar exams? Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I am eligible to take the exam and so can non-Ateneans.  The fact that Ateneo grants Juris Doctor degrees which are also awarded in New York and some select Universities in the US like Georgetown University does not give it the monopoly over qualifying for the New York Bar.  Read the requirements here at http://www.nybarexam.org/court.htm to find out more.  I know of friends who do not have a JD who actually took the NY Bar.

There is even a proviso there that in lieu of formal studies, formal work in a legal capacity given a certain number of hours will qualify you to take the exam as well.  Keep reading!  Hope this helps.

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