Heady with JetLag

The rains were worse today.  It wasn’t pouring but the city is blanketed with fog and the mood is definitely grey.  We brought Angel to the daycare center and he fought like anything to keep me from leaving.  I immediately called them back after I arrived at the office and I was assured he was doing fine.  He just stood by the door, perhaps hoping I would come back.

It breaks my heart to think about that — but daycare is a fact of life here in the US.  I can’t wait for Mom to be back — hopefully in four weeks or so..

I’m heady with jetlag again but this time I’m ready with two cans of Red Bull.. one for later and another for tomorrow. I think my body clock is adjusting — I’m getting there. We were all awake by 5AM and we took our sweet time getting ready for the city.  The rains brought heavier traffic down on the highway but it was good once we exited the tunnels to get into Manhattan. 

I’m back in New York .. back home.  Somehow the realization makes me feel a tinge of sadness as I look back at the last three weeks spent in Manila.  Too short a vacation if you ask me.

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