Hopia Combi, anyone?

I’ve always loved Hopia.. eversince I was a little girl, I already knew that Eng Bee Tin and Poland hopia were the best.  My Dad used to bring us to their main branches in Quiapo and we’d get our hopia still warm.

Eng Bee Tin’s hopia is actually available at the Filipino store for $1.99 per pack of 4 (!) and one of the things one of my dear friends, Elvie, made sure to send me to take home to New York was a pack of hopia assortments from Eng Bee Tin. 

I didn’t know they now have the so-called HOPIA COMBI, and one of the better ones is the Ube/Pastillas combination which is just heavenly.  Half and half of each as a filling, and it’s neither too sweet nor bland, ever so soft and the hopia just melts in your mouth — literally!  Try it if you haven’t yet..

0 thoughts on “Hopia Combi, anyone?

  1. Wow Dinna, you’re back! 🙂 Your post on hopia makes me hungry!!!! 🙂 Masarap ba talaga yung combi? I’ll ask my mom to get them for us when she flies over in August…


  2. Connie

    hi, there. you should try holland hopia. i’ve tried eng bee tin hopias which i find sweet. polland is alright, but i like holland best especially there hopia munggo, hopia baboy and hopia hapon. they also have combi hopias.


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