The Hoopla about THE DA VINCI CODE

It’s time for people to just mull about this a moment and sit down to take a deep breath.  While I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to watch THE DA VINCI CODE now that Alan and I cannot watch movies together since one of us has to always keep tabs on Angel, several factions all over the globe are up in arms against the showing of the movie.

Press Secretary Eduardo Ermita was even featured by the local CBS Channel here in New York declaring the movie as blasphemous.  (I always take notice when the Philippines manages to find itself in the local news here.. sikat!)

I read the book and did the Da Vinci Code tour in Paris.  I think what we must keep in mind is that the book is a work of fiction.  While it is based on some independent research which purports to have factual basis, all these are just hypotheses or theories which are for the reader to accept as truth or take with a grain of salt.

The faithful should not feel threatened if they are confident in the strength of the spirituality of their flock.  Incredible as the theory may sound, the suggestion that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene had actually been husband and wife and had started a family line that exists to this day is just another one of those ideas that makes one stop and think, but does not move one to reconsider the crux of one’s faith.

The controversy surrounding the ideas espoused in Dan Brown’s thriller are only fanning the flames of curiosity further.  That bodes well for the author, but not necessarily for those who are opposing all that the book stands for.  Me, I’m taking it with a grain of salt.  I’m there to be entertained.. period.


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