A Taste of Ginataang Alimango

It was my second week in Manila when my favorite Uncle arrived with tons of Alimango (crab) and the biggest sugpo (tiger prawns) you can imagine.  Mom knows that one thing I craved was her Ginataang Alimango and she indulged me this favorite recipe.  I hate to admit I pigged out and ate four (yes, 4!) huge crabs, two of which were teeming with aligue (crab fat).  I thought I’d suddenly find myself suffering from hypertension.  Thankfully, I didn’t.  But I was all crabbed out..LOL

I was actually seriously considering finding a way to plant some malunggay here in a pot.  Then I can try to replicate it or have Mom cook me some with lobster instead of crab when she returns. 

That’s as bicolana as I can get.  One of those treats you can wait a year or two to indulge in again — definitely not for everyday pigging out. HAHAHA!

4 thoughts on “A Taste of Ginataang Alimango

  1. Connie

    i love eating alimango/alimasag sa gata with malunggay or sili leaves with rice, with sili and patis as sawsawan. yummy! i indulge myself eating once in a blue moon. like eating lechon. but who cares about calories and cholesterol when you’ll die anyway. but with eating pleasure of crab and its aligue. saraap.


  2. Emil

    where in bicol are you originally from? didnt realize bicolanos(nas) used malungay. i thought only ilocanos were into malungay.

    you can use a pot (large one) indoors to plant your malungay – it’s just that once it starts growing, you have to trim it often…..it grows quite fast. it can survive down to 30 degrees F outdoors. luego ~ emil


  3. Dinna

    Emil, my mom’s family hails from Bulan, Sorsogon. I will try and find a malungay plant to nurture at home. My basil plants are still healthy but not quite the right size yet to harvest and use. Thank you so much for the suggestion!


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