Sunday, Sunday…

It’s almost 7PM but the sun is still high up.  That’s what reminds me it’s spring now, because as summer nears, sunset gets later and later.

I’m taking time to do a quick post as I am waiting for my second cup of jasmine tea to cool down a bit.  I like it hot but not scalding hot — just enough to soothe my thirst.  It’s been a productive Sunday.  I cleaned out our old fridge and threw away half the stuff that had taken home in my ancient ice box.  I can’t believe al that was in there!  So when the new fridge arrived, I put back what was left and I had so much space! 

We had to bring up all the shoes lining our stair landing to make room for the delivery, and Alan forced me to sort through the huge pile that was mine so we can put away the winterwear (boots, boots and boots) — and which ones were to be given to Mom’s foundation.  (Read: for giveaway to her neighbors in Bgy. San Vicente, Bulan, Sorsogon).  It also meant taking out the slippers, mules and slides for the summer.  Done.

My Manila loot is finally all stashed away in the nooks and crannies of the pantry.  What’s left of my hopia is stored in the freezer and the last 2 of 4 boxes of Muhlach ensaymada are resting quietly inside the fridge for this week’s breakfast treat for Alan and me.  I am already starting to make a shopping list of what I need Mom to bring when she flies in hopefully by mid-June.  (She promised to let me know this coming week when I can book her return flight.)

I have letters to write — I miss Manila again so much that I have made a resolve to resume writing my 5-year-old niece who starts going to my grade school alma mater for kindergarten this June.  Yes, like Tita Dinna and Tita Offie, she’s going to St. Paul College of Pasig.  I try to write her once a week or once every two weeks at most.. it’s a special ritual between her and me. 

Time to start preparing dinner.  It’s lumpiang shanghai tonight.  Some relatives had brought some to the house during the first week Angel and I had gone ahead to Manila and it’s sitting in my freezer.  I have to cook some of it before it starts walking out of my fridge on its own. LOL 



My dying fridge

Our co-op came with a fridge, a dishwasher and a stove with double ovens.  Everything seemed ancient, but they were all in working condition so I didn’t complain.  Besides, when you buy your place, you tend to be overwhelmed with more pressing expenses so anything that doesn’t need replacing, you make do with.

That was almost 4 years ago.. (We moved in on Halloween night of 2002.)  My freezer is working okay.  The fridge, though, seems to have literally lost steam while we were away.  My theory is that the temperature in the fridge stabilized while we were away to the point that the engine stopped trying to cool the air (simply because it didn’t have to).  Since the fridge was unopened for 2 weeks, the coolness inside sustained it.  However, it hasn’t quite recovered since we returned a week ago and the temperature in the fridge leaves much to be desired.  Today my worst fears were confirmed.  Two gallons of milk had spoiled for lack of proper cooling.  The freezer was still on full blast, but the poor fridge was breathing its last.

So we hied off to Best Buy this afternoon and made our pick.  Later, I will weed out the food that has spoiled and then prepare the ones that are still good for setting aside until the new one is delivered tomorrow.  I’m actually excited to get the new fridge and stock it with goodies. =)