My dying fridge

Our co-op came with a fridge, a dishwasher and a stove with double ovens.  Everything seemed ancient, but they were all in working condition so I didn’t complain.  Besides, when you buy your place, you tend to be overwhelmed with more pressing expenses so anything that doesn’t need replacing, you make do with.

That was almost 4 years ago.. (We moved in on Halloween night of 2002.)  My freezer is working okay.  The fridge, though, seems to have literally lost steam while we were away.  My theory is that the temperature in the fridge stabilized while we were away to the point that the engine stopped trying to cool the air (simply because it didn’t have to).  Since the fridge was unopened for 2 weeks, the coolness inside sustained it.  However, it hasn’t quite recovered since we returned a week ago and the temperature in the fridge leaves much to be desired.  Today my worst fears were confirmed.  Two gallons of milk had spoiled for lack of proper cooling.  The freezer was still on full blast, but the poor fridge was breathing its last.

So we hied off to Best Buy this afternoon and made our pick.  Later, I will weed out the food that has spoiled and then prepare the ones that are still good for setting aside until the new one is delivered tomorrow.  I’m actually excited to get the new fridge and stock it with goodies. =) 

0 thoughts on “My dying fridge

  1. hello dinna!
    had a nice time reading your previous posts about your trip to the homeland…i love basil valdez, too! hubby loves manila sound, and i have a stack of cds (vst and company,sampaguita, the boyfriends, hotdogs, mike hanopol, hagibis, basil and hajji alejandro!) taht he listens to and compares with korean music from the same circa. hehehe nahahalata tuloy ang age! 😀
    the ginataang alimango sounds so delicious, hmmm..that is something to look forward to this coming summer, ako naman ang magbabakasyon! 😀
    a nice week to you and your family! hugs!


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