A Gem of a find for P88.00

I had already written about this earlier but my phone cam connection went crazy on me so I wasn’t able to post the accompanying photo.  What’s a recommendaiton without the graphics to support it?  Highly recommended by the Pinay New Yorker! 


As a homemaker, I have always had an eye out for useful gadgets to use in my tiny home.  Anything to make my life just a wee bit easier.  On my first week in Manila, I spied this corner at the Rustan’s Express Supermarket in Greenbelt which had a sign saying “Everything Home for P88”.  They had some interesting gadgets and two things caught my eye — one is a multi-compartment container which now houses my accessory finds in Tiendesitas and Greenhills, and second was this perfect container for my condensed milk.  I don’t know about you but my little boy and I cannot take oatmeal without condensed milk.  And being that I need to transfer the milk eventually to another container after opening the can initially, it has been such a struggle finding a suitable vessel that will allow me to pour the milk without making a mess as we are wont to do when we deal with gooey and viscous stuff like condensada. Ta dah!  Found it and imported it all the way here.  Now it has its place inside my ancient ref — and I cannot be happier!

Yes, Boyet CAN sing.. but I knew that already..

My CD strategy this trip to Manila was to shove the ones I thought Alan would like onto Alan’s pile and I made him buy it.  That way, the only ones I had to shell out money for were those CDs he wouldn’t be caught dead buying.  (I did get Christian Bautista’s CD only because I had already passed on half a dozen to him.. LOL) 

I read about Christopher de Leon’s album a while back when it was released, and when I scoured the OPM racks, I had to pick it up.  What convinced me to grab a copy was the fact that “Bituing Walang Ningning” was part of its playlist.  (One of my ultimate favorite songs of all time.. I don’t care who sings it, it’s MY song.. feel na feel ko na yun ang buhay ko at yun ang pinili ko.. ang maging bituing walang ningning..)  I already knew that Boyet could sing because I caught his one and only film with Kuh Ledesma entitled “Tinimbang ang Langit” where he played a composer/record producer to Kuh’s (what else?) singer character, and their love story spun off several songs, one or two of which Boyet sung in.  I liked this duet they had which was very light on the heart: “A little bit of Suicide” which essentially spoke of love as being that: a little bit of suicide.  I even bought the soundtrack cassette of that film but lost in through the years.  Beautiful songs were part of that movie.. indeed!

Christopher de Leon is no Martin Nievera or Gary V, but his voice is easy on the ears and the songs in the album will take you down memory lane and bring back good memories. 

Indulge me this Guessing Game

Okay, I know I’ve been way behind posting about my (mis)adventures this homecoming but I thought I would upload these three pictures and ask you folks out there if you know where they are.  Except for one picture which is pretty obvious, the two are a mystery.  All three photos were taken with my phone cam so don’t look for high quality, but you can’t miss out on these three if you’re truly gala (a wanderer) in Manila.  (Click on the thumbnails to see entire picture and hit your “BACK” button to return to the blog)



The first picture was taken as my friend Reggie and I were trying to find our way to another side of a shopping complex no thanks to the rain that started pouring.  The third picture was literally taken while I was walking past this chapel without as much as stopping to take a good shot.  The third was taken while we waited for my brother to drive up and fetch us.  Start guessing!

Coming down with something

Is it asthma or just the flu bug I probably caught from Angel?  I really don’t know.  I thought I had left Manila with a stash of Neozep but I cannot find it right now so I’m back to Advil.  I also missed out on getting my supply of Tuseran Forte and Amoxycillin.  Talk about self medication!  (Something we Pinoys are so good at.)

It was a chilly but beautiful morning that we had today.  I left the house late as I stayed home and watched Angel while Alan brought my mother-in-law for her regular blood test at the lab in preparation for her next doctor’s appointment.  Since we didn’t get a slot at back up childcare today, Alan’s working from home.  I’m going to make my own pitch to the boss to do that tomorrow myself, since I have to be here on Thursday because he’s back.  The things we must do to make adjustments… that’s Parenthood, New York style for you.

It’s one of those days when I wish I were a Rockefeller as Alan would put it — or as people in Manila would say, an Ayala.  It would be such a blessing to be able to stay home and just enjoy Angel.