Indulge me this Guessing Game

Okay, I know I’ve been way behind posting about my (mis)adventures this homecoming but I thought I would upload these three pictures and ask you folks out there if you know where they are.  Except for one picture which is pretty obvious, the two are a mystery.  All three photos were taken with my phone cam so don’t look for high quality, but you can’t miss out on these three if you’re truly gala (a wanderer) in Manila.  (Click on the thumbnails to see entire picture and hit your “BACK” button to return to the blog)



The first picture was taken as my friend Reggie and I were trying to find our way to another side of a shopping complex no thanks to the rain that started pouring.  The third picture was literally taken while I was walking past this chapel without as much as stopping to take a good shot.  The third was taken while we waited for my brother to drive up and fetch us.  Start guessing!

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