Working from home

Despite my asthma, I would’ve been at work.  Asthma never really kept me at home because I couldn’t stand lying down anyway with the heaving and coughing.  Instead I’m home taking care of Angel.  (He’s engrossed with Stanley’s show… refusing lunch even.)  I decided to have some chicken sotanghon for lunch.  I hit two birds with one stone with that — a light lunch for my mother-in-law and me, and dinner or lunch for Angel later. 

The boy has suddenly gotten picky with his meals.  He refused the rice mixed in with his chicken soup.  Instead, he decided he wanted some of my chicken wings without the broth. He’s gotten very finnicky about what he eats which is not easy on us.  I’m thinking we have to start him on vitamins again lest he miss out on important nutrients.  I’ll know later after our doctor’s appointment.

I have been fighting the urge to nap.  With just 2 hours to go before the workday is over, I think I’ll make it.  I just wish this is the last of my asthma attack between now and the next winter.  Wishful thinking, though.  At least I was able to stock up on my Ventolin rotadisk from Mercury Drug.  I’m good for at least 2 asthma attacks, and I’m having Mom bring me another 3 disks anyway.

I wish Mom would come back home soon.  She promised me June.. it’s just around the corner anyway.