BIZU: They may not be Laduree but they're on the right track

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I first found out that a pattiserie in Manila had been offering macarons from Toni’s Blog (Wifely Steps) a while back and I had made a promise to myself that I would seek it out and try out the goodies and find out how they fared in comparison to the original Laduree Macarons from Paris which Alan and I so love.

He and I had completely fallen in love with the delicacy that we now unabashedly request his officemates who fly to Paris on business to do us the favor of bringing us home a box (the corporate office on Champs Elysees is literally a hop, skip and a jump away from the Laduree Salon de Te on the same avenue) — and a favorite French friend always brings us a box whenever he is in New York on business.  (And of course when Alan goes to the head office, one of the things he has to be lugging home if he wants to be let into the house is a big box.. LOL)  Much to my chagrin, the grandest of pattiseries here in New York DO NOT offer macarons — (so please do tell me if you are in New York and you chance upon some deli, pattiserie or other, offering this favorite delicacy of mine.)

My girlfriend Demi and I had made a pact to go to BIZU together and she took me to the one on the Promenade arcade in Greenhills since it was closer to my home..  Demi had already been going to Bizu and was intrigued to find out how the macarrons would rate with me.  At P30.00 each, they were rather pricey, but nowhere near as expensive as the ones from Paris which were over £ 1.00 each which roughly converts to almost $2.00 per cookie. 

We tried the Ube and the mango flavors (staying true to Filipion flavors) and Alan and I later tried the Mango and then the Pandan macaron.  They certainly looked every inch the authentic macarons, but perhaps because they were in refrigerated display cases, the texture was not quite the same.  The Bizu macarons were just slightly harder, and so it was crisper than more chewy.  No wonder they wouldn’t vouch for the macrrons surviving a flight without refrigeration when Demi tried to get a box to send to me through a balikbayan couple friend who were jetting back to the east coast a while back. 

Flavor wise — they captured the essence of the ube, mango and pandan without being too sweet or overpowering, which is the essence of the flavoring of macarons.  That is why I say they’re no Laduree but they’re on the right track.  (Straight from Alan’s mouth, I should say.)  But this is BIZU not Laduree, and I commend the Chef behind the macarons from Manila for bringing this delicacy home for Filipinos to savor.

If you feel like having some coffee or tea, an espresso perhaps, don’t be intimidated by the grand interior of Bizu — be it the bistro or the cafe — go in, order your beverage of choice, and try a macaron or two.  Share the joy of knowing that something as heavenly and Parisien is offered right in the heart of Manila.  Definitely worth the experience, and as close as you can get to Paris!


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Monday feeling like a Sunday

My Memorial Day went like any other Sunday, except that it was a Monday.  After breakfast, we went to the mall, had lunch and then got a few things here and there and we were home by 7PM.

I picked up a ton of cards at TARGET.  (Not exactly your regular place for mushy lines but I was tired of the usual Hallmark selection.)  Birthdays, Father’s Day — I didn’t realize I had that many on my list.  I have always been one to send a greeting — I am sure my absence in Manila has markedly affected Hallmark sales in National Bookstore.. (yeah right.. LOL)  That’s the demonstrative part of me — I have always been known to speak my heart and mind, even if I sometimes ended up putting my foot in my mouth.  I suddenly realized as I was writing this post that I need to pick up at least three more cards.. okay, I’m going to Hallmark for that one. LOL

The asthma has gotten way better — I am hardly coughing.  My cold is very thin now, but I still feel a congestion in my head.  It’s just so nice that my health cooperated when I needed it, even if there were times I felt like I was ready to faint in the midst of watching Big Bird and Elmo dancing onstage.  (Anything for my boy..)  It’s getting really warm in New York, and barring any more rainfall, we’re all set for summer!

It’s going to be a short week with the boss away so I’m all set.  Angel’s been confirmed for back up childcare all week so Alan and I need not worry about someone having to work from home on any given day.

I feel blessed.  I have my boys, my family back home, and I’m looking forward to another week doing work I actually look forward to as my weekend ends.  (Can you see the smile on my face?)