One of those days..

Remember those days when you just don’t feel you have it in you to be nice? I’m having one of those days.. So there is a lady or two here who might just get slapped silly if they don’t give me some breathing space.

Hormones? Work? Hot weather? Missing Manila? I’m at a loss — I just feel crappy. My fridge is not working again — something we find very strange considering this was delivered to us only 10 days ago. It was working great, and like the one I had replaced, the freezer is doing okay, but the fridge seems to have conked out.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed it just needed to be “rebooted” — we unplugged and plugged it back on earlier. If it doesn’t, I have already scheduled servicing tomorrow. * sigh *

And then as if that wasn’t enough, Alan’s been assigned to “watch over” their San Francisco Hotel because the General Manager had quit. He will be away for two weeks and that’s going to be a challenge as far as bringing Angel to and from home and daycare at Grand Central. Not that we have a say in it. In a sense, it was flattering that the President & CEO had requested it, because that means he has confidence in Alan. I just hope that he gets home before Father’s Day on the 18th… and yes, that I get some goodies from Goldilocks in San Francisco. =)

The day is halfway through. The boss has checked in with me via our system chat software, and his cellphone service up in Denver appears to be spotty. That works well for me because that means it’ll even be quieter.

So I’m not my usual cheerful self — go sue me.