Thoughts while washing the dishes

My Mother-in-law had brought a crock pot over the weekend and had made some Lamb Kare-kare which there was enough of so I didn’t have to worry about dinner last night. Alan only eats the sabaw so I had to be creative and whip up some Purefoods Jalapeno Corned Beef. Because we had to go through 2 hours of traffic on the way home, I told Alan I would wash the dishes so he could relax. (After all, I didn’t have to go through the hassle of cooking a whole meal.)

So many “blog thoughts” flitted in and out of my mind while washing the dishes that I wish I had my laptop right there and then. I thought I’d try and recapture those thoughts and post. I want to write about make up, CocoWorks and their fantastic VCO products, the jalapeno flavored corned beef, inipit, summer, my tiny, tiny herb garden, mom’s scrapbook, my attic project, etc., etc. It was as if my mind was re-indexing itself and prodding me to organize my thoughts. And that’s what I’m trying to do.

I am itching to write a journal again but blogging suits me better because of the speed at which the words race through my head. I am seriously considering printing out my posts here to compile into a book lest my blog server conk out on me. (Heaven forbid!) There are times when I find myself scribbling disjointed thoughts in complete sentences on scraps of paper around me. Reading the things I have written helps me make sense of today. I have several handwritten journals at home where I had written my deepest thoughts and feelings.

So there I was rinsing my dinnerware while I was thinking of today’s blogpost.. here goes..

Time to paint the toe nails

We’ve stowed the winter gear and we’re getting ready for all that spring and summer bring with it.  Open toed flip flops, thongs, sandals.. I painted my toe nails the other night using my favorite Caronia nail polish.  I’m mighty proud of my work — it looks like I actually paid someone to do it. 

With additional chores to do now that Mom’s not yet here, I find it helpful to actually do a shortlist of 3 tasks that I must do before the day ends — and it gets done.  Like tonight, I must hand wash Angel’s PJs (I’m out and Alan isn’t washing until the weekend), sort through my nail polish and throw out the ones I can no longer use, clip the postcards from the magazines that advertises cervical cancer.  (I almost forgot I collect postcards.. I had to ask myself if they were worth collecting and I said yes..)  And if I can do a fourth, start my grocery list for the weekend because Alan’s not here the following weekend so I don’t want to be stuck going back and forth to the grocery with Angel in tow.

Just one more day and it’s Friday then it’s the weekend. =)  Happy thoughts..