Beholding the MoMA

Every time we bring Angel to daycare, he and I walk back to 54th Street to meet up with Alan near the parking garage where we deposit the car.  I always wind up on the other side of the road across from the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA and this is one of my favorite photo spots.  I had taken a high resolution picture using my digital camera before which reproduced beautifully when blown up to a 12×18 poster, but here’s one of two shots stored in my phone cam right now.

I managed to wash the PJs.. but that was it

I’m not going to stress out over the fact that I managed to do only one of three of the things I had hoped to end up accomplishing last night.  I did cook a modified bistek which came out beautifully, and I even managed a journal entry into one of the journals I’m writing for a friend.  I washed 2 pajamas and will hopefully have one ready tomorrow.

The day has been a challenge for Angel in daycare.  (See my posts in Motherhood, Etc.) and the Mom in me is dying to go sparring with the moms of the boys who have hurt my tyke, but then again, these things served to remind me all the more that there are a lot of things beyond my control.  Children get hurt and that is part of the growing up process.

This weekend, I hope to do more tidying up.  The attic is a mess again with several pieces of luggage strewn about the entrance to the space up there — When I fix it this time, it will hopefully take some discernible form of order finally.

I’m just glad it’s the weekend again.  I will hopefully get to accomplish more.  My targets:

  1. Empty the remaining luggage in the bedrooms and bring them up to the attic.
  2. Mail out some of my birthday/Father’s Day cards
  3. Compile my loose recipes into my recipe binder
  4. Set aside the “stray” postcards amongst my things
  5. Sort the old and useless nail polish and throw them away.

Five is good.. five is realistic.. five should be doable.