Mary Rose, yes I'm from SPCQC High School Batch 83

I have not had a chance to work on Feedback on Feedback, but someone I knew from the past stopped by.

Mary Rose Montano-North wrote:

I am emailing you because you mentioned that you are a graduate of class 1983 at St. Paul College QC. I am too. I am trying to get in touch hopefully with my classmates. I lost my yearbook, so if you still have yours, check out Mary Rose V. Montano. Let me know if we know each other.

I’m leaving this post here only for a week and taking it off.  Please e-mail me at , Mary Rose.  Yes, I looked at an online scan of our yearbook and saw you.  We are organizing a reunion.  Are you here in the US?  There’s a homecoming in Manila in 2008 and we are planning something here in the US for next year on the west coast.

Check out our website which I’m putting together at and you will find a link to the e-group so that you can join in.  Glad we hooked up!