The difference between posting the top 10 of the Philippine Bar and reproducing that infamous editorial on the Philippines from the New York Times

Again, I would want to give each comment here a response but have fallen way behind — this one, though, elicited a reaction from me which I just had to post here:

Ben, (who didn’t leave me a URL to track back to) wrote a comment to my post on that New York Times editorial in reference to my post on the Philippine Bar Top 10 :

Hmmmm you copied and pasted the Philippine BAR results and afraid to do the same for the NY Times editorial?

I think what I wrote speaks for itself.  There are Terms of Use for news articles which differ from publication to publication.  Besides, the Philippine Bar Top 10 is public domain so to speak.  It’s public information and is not tainted by journalistic copyright which is why The New York Times does not make its archives open to non-members/non-subscribers.  That’s their prerogative, but nobody can lay claim to have journalistic proprietorship of the list of successful examinees.  Thanks for dropping by all the same, Ben.

When is the best time to visit New York?

I received some good news via e-mail a few hours ago that my bestfriend from high school, Donna, (now living with her family in Australia) is planning a US trip next year, and she’s included New York in her itinerary!  One of the questions she asked me is when is the best time to go visit New York?

I would have to say the summer months — from June to August when it’s warmer and it’s easier to go around the city.  For us Pinoys who are used to the heat of Manila, this is really not as bothersome to us as to others who prefer the cooler or colder times during the year. 

It’s easier most specially for those who come to New York with children.  I think it’s more agonizing for children to go around during the colder fall, winter and spring months.  (Yes, New York can still be terribly cold for Manilans even during the spring months.) 

Besides, in the summer months, we have the street fairs of New York, and the city is alive with twice the fun when the restaurants have dining al fresco out on the sidewalks, Shakespeare in the Park plays with name stars for free, and you can enjoy walking around during a day where you see the sun setting at past 8PM at night.