Linking to the New York Times

Addendum to feedback written on feedback in my earlier post:

Here’s some information on linking to the (in)famous New York Times.  As I mentioned earlier, there is a membership requirement to view articles that are not in the current day’s edition.  You have to be a member to be able to view articles in the last five days.  Any further than that, you have to upgrade to the paid subscription, otherwise, you will only be able to see a preview of the article you search for.

The membership that allows you to view the most recent articles is free.  It’s always good to have access to free information, but it is useless to put a link to any article in the New York Times archive because the article’s URL transfers once it is in the archives and you will be unable to view unless you have the right subscription.

I would think that other journalism related blogs like Inside PCIJ would have the complete text of the article.  Hope this helps..

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