Dreaming of winning the lotto..

I was writing a friend about my dream business — what I would do with my money if I won the lotto. My dream is to put up a boutique in SoHo in Manhattan where I would sell one-of-a kind or limited edition pieces by big name and emerging designers from Manila. It would be a venture of love considering that it will probably be a non-performing asset considering how it could cost a lot just making the rent, but it would be so nice to see a store with everything from the Philippines, or made by Filipinos from home or here.

There is something magical about the Village as we call it and its surrounding neighborhoods.  There is really no tourist landmark to see but the vibe of the whole community is New York at its rawest.  On a clear day, you will see the artists hawking their wares in the streets.  At night, the bars and restaurants come alive and doesn’t really sleep until you find yourself getting breakfast at some deli or other in the same neighborhood.

Guess I better get my lotto ticket later..

0 thoughts on “Dreaming of winning the lotto..

  1. oh, that’s such a neat idea! been dreaming of my own boutique too! guess what, never had the chance to roam around SOHO! pasyal mo naman ako! haha…got a glimpse lang while on top of this double-decker bus! lol!


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