Little Acts of Kindness

Sometimes people get cynical about the goodness of man and we forget that there are a lot of acts of kindness happening around us everyday.  We also often overlook the little things we do which actually make this world a better place to live in.

Yesterday I left my cellphone and tubao on the express bus Angel and I rode.  I didn’t quite realize it until late at night when I started looking for it so I could charge it.  When I searched my jacket pocket and found it wasn’t there, I knew it must’ve fallen out during the more than an hour-long ride and I was too busy getting Angel to the bus aisle to check where we sat.  I dialed the number and the bus driver answered.

Fortunately, he was still plying his route and we made arrangements to meet.  I walked to the express bus stop by my community and waited at 11PM and true enough, he drove by and I got my phone back.  Had this happened in Manila, I would’ve kissed my pinz razr goodbye.

This morning I thought I’d pick up a donut and fell in line with the early morning crowd at the Dunkin Donuts store by the main subway depot on Main Street.  One of the older ladies ahead of me was being attended to but refused to give an order.  Then the lady ahead of her said the coffee she was buying was for this woman. 

Little acts of kindness.  They are what makes it instinctive for me to ask a man who was asking for a dollar in front of the McDonald’s store Angel and I were going into to get his French Fries from what he wanted.  He wanted to have dinner — and I asked him what he wanted from McDonald’s.  “Cheeseburger..” he said.  And what would he want to drink?  “Coke, no ice..”  So I went to the counter and picked up Angel’s French Fries and the old man his meal — a quarterpounder with cheese, fries and his coke with no ice.

He was so surprised when I came back to the door and asked him to go sit at the table where I had laid out his dinner.  He had told me the management didn’t want him to sit inside.  I told him they will, because he has a meal to eat.

I made that man happy, but not as happy as he made me feel.