A Quiet Weekend at Home

We often take weekends forgranted when we have nothing spectacular planned.  I actually look forward to those quiet weekends I can just spend at home, tidying up, doing the chores I have no time to do during the week, and just bum around.


With Alan in
San Francisco, this weekend’s one of those.  I have nothing planned besides taking Angel to the McDonald’s in the neighborhood so he can have some fun in their playland.  The last time we were there, he was too small for me to let him go into the tubes and walkways.  I’m actually still iffy about it because if he gets “stranded” anywhere inside, I’d be too big to wiggle in and extricate him from the contraption.  So that one, for now, is just a plan.  I am inclined to just stay home.


Maybe I can spend some time in the attic.. I might start working on photographing the scrapbook layouts for Mom—or do more embellishments.  I have my journals to write.  I can start cooking for the first part of next week.  I can just space out.  (Note to self:  I still have that Sandara Park-Hero Angeles movie, Can This be Love..maybe I’ll watch that later.)


I miss Alan. 


I had a tough night last night and it’s hard when you’re being comforted via long distance.  I don’t even know what else to write here now.  It’s one of those thoughts that doesn’t have an end, and you find yourself getting lost in mid-sentence.


Some people find it weird when I tell them that when Alan and I are in the car, we hold hands.  When we watch a movie, we hold hands.  It’s never easy when he is away no matter how many times he’s gone on a business trip since he and I got married.  Can you believe it’s been almost 6 years now?  Half of that we were pregnant and then we had Angel. 


So without him here, I’d rather just stay home and chill.  Just another week to go…

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