Comfort Food, please

It’s 10 minutes before
2PM and I’m on the express bus heading for home.  I figured I had a good 20-30 minutes more before I have to get off, so I thought I’d make productive use of my time while sitting pretty here on the bus.

It’s been an easy half day at work because the boss is still on vacation.  I have to rush home because Angel is with Alan’s mom and I don’t really want to burden her with having to take care of my baby all day if I can help it.  Maybe next week, but today, I have the leeway to cut my office hours short and just log on from home.  It’s very much like taking an extended lunch hour since the trip home takes me just over an hour this way.


I just had a small cup of Lobster Bisque from The Original Soupman.  I’ve been meaning to write about this since I discovered them sometime earlier this year, but I haven’t had the chance to do that until now.


I actually discovered them quite by accident, although their outlets have been all over Manhattan for ages now.  Every morning, we tune in to the news to check the day’s weather, so while the living room TV is tuned in to Barney or Sesame Street on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station), the one in the bedroom is usually on Fox 5 News.  They had featured The Soupman in one of their segments and the real lobster pieces (not bits) in the Lobster Bisque convinced me it was something I should try.


My first encounter with The Soupman was one morning I headed off to the city to pick something up at Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue.  (It was gift time for some cosmetic brand I use..) I saw a man holding up a sign at the corner of 42nd and Fifth after I got off the subway, and a few steps further was one of their then newer branches.

I had to have the lobster bisque!  They serve it up complete with a piece of bread, some butter, an actual piece of fruit (I always go for the banana) and even a piece of chocolate.  Their soups range from the ordinary to the chunky and filling, and while it’s a rather pricey meal considering you’re having soup, it is worth every penny and more.


The lobster bisque, as advertised, has actual lobster pieces.  The soup is creamy but not oily.  And even with a cup and not a bowl, you will feel full.  It was so good that I brought a half gallon home another time to share the experience with the Lolas and Alan.  (Cost me $50…!)  It’s not something you would want to have everyday, but once in a while, you yearn for some comfort food and this is one that makes it to the top of the list for me.


Sipping the soup or spooning it from the cup or bowl is a soothing way to enjoy some good food a little at a time.  It allows you to savor the flavor and helps the soup warm you up inside and out.

 Next time I’ll try their clam chowder.  I already know it’s going to be good.

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