When nothing is working

It must be a conspiracy.  My computer started getting funky on me minutes after I logged on.  Once I managed to get online, Chikka refuses to cooperate.  I was hoping to reply to a text message my friend Demi sent.

At least the commute to the city with Angel was good — he was his usual playful self but he did not wear me out.  It was sunny so I didn’t have to worry about a wet walk to Grand Central from the bus stop.  I just got confirmation for all days of the week at day care (yipee!) — and I think I’ll be fine otherwise.

It’s just such an exhausting commute — and I hate thinking about how it wears down Angel.  Surprisingly, he still has the energy to go around and play when we get home.  It’s a little easier to get him to sleep, though, but not after we read a story from Elmo’s book.

I keep trying to tell myself it’s just another day and before I know it, it’s the weekend again.