Just another one of those days.

I had thought that getting dressed today and being all girl would help lift my spirits up some.  The compliments have made me smile, people think I look nice today.  Accessories, clothes (except shoes), all made in the Philippines!  But it’s just one of those days when even if everything is going okay, I just don’t feel okay.

There’s this nagging feeling inside me.  I don’t know yet when Mom can join me again — she is waiting to see another set of doctors.  Alan is still away in San Francisco which, by itself, is a major bummer already.  Angel, thankfully, has been manageable during the commute, so I’m not really complaining.

Sometimes you just find yourself constantly losing your train of thought — even when nothing or no one is trying to distract you.  I cannot even start to think about dinner tonight — then I remember that I put down the steak to thaw in the fridge.  It’ll probably be just me and my mother-in-law eating anyway.  The steak has a double purpose because anything leftover will make for a meal for Angel the next day.  I boil it as we would do nilaga and add some vegetables.  He loves it!

Fortunately the boss is leaving for another trip tomorrow.  So I don’t really have to stress out bigtime.  (I just realized I don’t see him until next month!)  This is one boss who makes me feel bad that I don’t see enough of him.  The type of boss you wouldn’t mind having around a lot.  I kept going back and forth with his travel arrangements and I am usually not this much of a scatter-brain.  At least the day is done.