It was Adobo last night

I came home to some Adobo simmering on the stove.  My mother-in-law so kindly cooked dinner and we had a hearty meal.  My Tinola will have to wait another time.

And yes, Dheena, I can get the papaya easily, but I already have the chayote in my fridge.  It’s nice to try and tweak the flavors of local recipes sometimes, like how I would use merlot instead of vinegar for Adobo.  (Ces, have you tried experimenting with that?)

Cooking is a continuing learning experience for me.  It’s a hidden talent that was heretofore undiscovered until I landed here in New York, and I always approach it with the enthusiasm of a kindergarten student tackling finger painting.  You never know how pretty a picture you can paint, or how yummy something so simple can turn out to be.  But no matter how it turns out, you end up feeling good doing something you like.

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