Putting things in perspective

There I was sitting on the 7 train to Grand Central Station, lost in thought (again), when a thirty-ish man neatly dressed in casual clothes started addressing the train passengers.  (This is a common occurrence in the subways of NYC.)  He had recently suffered a stroke and was visibly physically impaired, but he spoke as clearly as he could to let us know his family was in need of some financial assistance as his Social Security Check could barely cover his rent.  He still couldn’t work as he was undergoing physical therapy  6 1/2 hours 3x a week.  He presented his case clearly and succintly and before the next stop, I fished out a dollar and so did 3 or 4 others in my car.

He was profuse with his thanks and blessings.  All I could think of was this could be my brother who had 2 children himself.  Meeting this man on the way home helped me put things in perspective. It did not exactly make me feel good about my own personal burden, but it made me appreciate my situation better. 

Must be someone trying to send me a message again.  I’m not listening hard enough these days — but I’m working on that.



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