The Greenhills I grew up in

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THE THEATRE MALL in Greenhills

I have lived in San Juan all my life when I was in Manila.  Now that I’m in New York, the place I keep coming back to is Erap Country.  Greenhills has evolved before my very eyes — I used to pass it every day for the first 13 years of my life as I went to school in St. Paul College of Pasig.  Even when I transferred to St. Paul College of Quezon City for High School (they started high school in Pasig after my batch), I would stop by and get supplies for school projects, just have merienda or gallivant with my friend Donna in tow.

I was there when The Music Museum burned down.  As it was a mere 5 minutes’ drive away, I remember my siblings and I drove to watch the fire from the parking lot.

When I returned to Manila this year, I was there on my second day shopping for groceries in Unimart.  I had my chicken feet and congee at Luk Yuen, and lo and behold, Virra Mall was totally unrecognizable.

Seeing how Greenhills has evolved makes me feel old.  Yet I still remember the feeling of security being there used to evoke.  It used to be that you could roam without having to worry about crowds.  (Those were the pre-tiangge days of old!)  Celebrities and personalities milled about without fear of being mobbed or being stared at. 

The good old reliables are still there.. Choc full O’nuts (and yes, I did have the siopao and the yema as planned).. Regina’s (and I did take a peek..).. Unimart.. but the place is now overcrowded and has a different air about it.  It was also the last place I visited before settling down to pack my bags and return to New York.

It sure has evolved into a colorful and livelier place — the tiangge is part of its magic.  What I like most is the fact that they now have a real chapel in the area where there used to be a bigger fishpond.  While they used to hold mass in one corner of the shopping center, now they hold it in a rightful place of worship, where people can stop a while and say a prayer.


0 thoughts on “The Greenhills I grew up in

  1. will never miss out on greenhills as well! i think i was there 3 times as well…the first time i was like crazy-dazed…sa dami ng gusto kong bilin! esp. those ‘pirated’:) bags! guess what…i came back to NY without a new one!



    Greenhills has been a common denominator among Paulinians- we practically grew with the place. The place would always remind me of our good ol’ days – in Pasig and in QC. Shops like Choc Full of Nuts, Unimart and even the ubiquitous National Bookstore played an important part of our High School days. I always looked forward coming to Greenhills with my friends esp. after our periodical exams.

    I felt disoriented when I visited the place early this year – yes… it made me feel old- the feeling was a mixture of awe, pride and sadness, that Greenhills was transformed to keep it at par with the other sites in Manila. I’ll be visiting it again next year and maybe i’ll be more at ease and start to enjoy shopping like we did before.


  3. Dinna

    Cynthia, it has changed so much not only in terms of the landscape and the stores and the merchandise sold, but more importantly in the mix of people. It will always have a soft spot in my heart, though, because as you said, it was such a big part of my early years.


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