Blog hopping

I’ve missed visiting my blogfriends this past couple of weeks, and I finally found the time and opportunity to indulge in it this afternoon.  Unlike most bloghoppers, I limit myself to the blogs I read as listed on my sidebar.  I just don’t have the time to go surfing blind — and while I used to visit regularly, I haven’t had time to do that of late.  I used to move my blog counter regularly but I have lost even that.  (Okay, let me put it back on.)

Pinoy Top Blogs | Ranking the Philippine Blogosphere

So I paid a few blogfriends a visit and tried to catch up.  I didn’t realize so many had celebrated birthdays.. Lani, Annabanana..  And then Jayred and Ces have both returned from Manila themselves.  One of my favorite couple, Jher and Jerome are, as usual, are still very much together.  I have to read some more and visit Toni… a blog at a time..

0 thoughts on “Blog hopping

  1. hello dinna!
    i am so guity of read and surf syndrome…hehehe, most of the time i go and read my blog links’ post and then surf to a link, or just read the next one in my link…i have just realized that all of us are so busy! anyway, i hope you have a good weekend! 😀


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