Blog dilemma

My firewall has blocked all blog sites including mine so I am seriously considering moving to Yahoo 360 which, because it is attached to a mail provider, isn’t on big brother’s no-no list yet.  So if the posts are not as long, it’s because I’m in that phase, trying to work around this setback.  But I’m not going anywhere.

I’ll be here posting.

Monday, Monday..

It was sure quite a relief to be going into Manhattan today with Alan driving Angel and I instead of having to wing it again with public transportation.  It’s not exactly a cakewalk but it wasn’t half as exhausting trying to make it through the trip with Angel.  Hopefully, in two weeks’ time, Mom will be back and our lives will have a semblance of order.

It was hot in Manhattan again.  Looks like this will be a scorcher of a summer!

I’m trying to grow an herb garden in my window, and I have a plastic mini greenhouse my mother-in-law bought a few weeks ago.The seeds have sprouted tiny plants which are, as of yet, too fragile to transplant.  I’m looking at growing my own parsley, chervil and basil.  So far it looks like the parsley sprouted but I am not too sure about the other two.  What I would really like to grow is rosemary which can be trimmed to look like a table Christmas tree.  I’m going to get a hanging planter which I can hopefully invert and hang on the inside of my kitchen window in the winter.

For now, I have a growing batch in one of my gerber tubs — at least until I get my planter.