A long but fruitful day

I have been waiting for my DSL connection to kick in (wireless account, sometimes I pick up another line and I have to start reconfiguring things to get things moving.)  and I’m finally here.

Just in time to get a post in before midnight.. It’s been a long but fruitful day indeed.  Alan and I took the day off to spend quality time with the tyke and we went to Splish Splash, a water park in Long Island, practically a stone’s throw away from our favorite Outlet, Tanger.

We didn’t leave for Splish Splash until almost noon but we had more than enough time to enjoy watching Angel just having the time of his life until 6PM.  Two hours was all we needed to pick up a few things at the outlet.  I had a $15 gift card from Harry & David expiring this month and I couldn’t let that go to waste.  (Watch out for a separate post on my Harry & David goodies..)

I couldn’t resist getting a few pieces from Ann Taylor and Old Navy, including a printed pink and brown curdoroy skirt from the former and a white prairie skirt from the latter despite my earlier plan not to get any more skirts this season because I had acquired quite a couple of pieces last year.

After dinner at Boulder Creek, we drove home and were here by 9PM.  We were all dead tired but we were one happy family.  Seeing Angel having fun and having fun with him as well is truly priceless.  I took a ton of pictures (as always) and a few video clips I’m trying to work into a VCD.  Alan’s camera takes very good video clips with very crisp audio.  My 3 year old digital camera has more functions and is more technically complicated, but while it has video capability, it take video without audio.

Time to download the pictures now, though.. time to hit the sack soon, too.  I am so tired I’ve postponed preparing Angel’s things for daycare tomorrow, including his lunch and diaper bag.  No rush..