Motherhood on Duty

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It must’ve been overexposure to the heat of the sun.  I woke up at 5AM with Angel burning up in my arms.  Well, he wasn’t really THAT hot, but he was warm enough for me to know he was at least nursing a slight fever.  I upped and went around the house looking for my digital thermometer.  I picked up a face towel and wet it with cold water to cool his forehead.  He didn’t seem to be cold so I didn’t turn off the airconditioner.  He first registered at 37.9 degrees.  (I’m in the land of Fahrenheit but I know Centigrade better when it comes to fever — so thank God the thermometer has both settings.)  It was seesawing between 37.1 to 37.9.  Thankfully, it never went beyond that.

I cancelled daycare by 7AM and made a decision to stay home.  His fever was gone by 8:30 AM but I knew I had to monitor him all day.  I was drafting an e-mail letting my boss know I was working from home, but I was vacillating between taking time off and requesting to work from home, considering I am equipped to log on to the system (internal chat software and intranet server) remotely, but before I could make up my mind, Angel managed to punch the right keys to send the e-mail with “Emergency time off” in the subject header.  So I had no choice but to send an e-mail explaining the situation, and I took the morning off.  I managed to log on in the afternoon so I didn’t totally blow away a day with the situation here.  It was quiet, and I got confirmation for daycare for Friday, so I’m sure the boss will be relieved to hear I will not be asking to work from home tomorrow.

The boy’s okay now.  He doesn’t even struggle as much against taking his meds, but he’s not taking it quietly either.  He seems to be trying to expel the congestion in his chest, but I’m hoping the medicines I’ve been giving him will help to loosen it some tomorrow.

It is always difficult when the boy is sick, even if he is relatively an Angel (literally) even when you know he can otherwise be grumpy.  It doesn’t help ease my anxiety knowing he is just starting to talk, so I am not sure how to speak with him about how he’s feeling.  I guess I just wing it and base it on his cries and how he hugs me close when the coughing seems to be painful.  He’ll be fine.  My boy has always been quite a tough cookie — even if he tries to get away with his little quirks by kissing me gently with a smack and then smilingly impishly.  That’s the softee in him — trying to corner mom’s weakness, and he never misses.