RENT Revisited

My Wedding Keepsake Album, the RENT Playbill and advertising flyer, our original tickets

The very first Broadway musicale I saw was RENT — way back in 2000, part of my honeymoon weekend in the city with Alan.  We wanted to go to Cancun or Cabo San Lucas in Mexico but I had travel restrictions due to my status.  (We did go a year later after I got my greencard.)

We skipped out on the movie, but there was so much hype here in print and on television that I’ve kept abreast of the news about it, pre, actual, and post publicity.  Alan and I finally watched the DVD tonight, and midway through the film, I had to pull out my Wedding Keepsake album where we had the playbill and the tickets in one of the pages.  I just had to check if I actually watched any of the actors who landed a role in that movie that time I caught it on Broadway.  Unfortunately not.

The movie, I must say, was more spectacular in many respects compared to the stage presentation, primarily because the musicale had so much drama in it that flashbacks and actual street scenes were rendered more dramatically on film than on stage.  But the stage has its own magic that is beyond words.  I cannot say the movie was better than the stage production or vice versa.  Each, I believe, gave justice to the music and story of the genuises behind one of the longest running plays on Broadway.

It’s been a while since we watched anything onstage, and I believe the last one was Antonio Banderas headlining NINE.  (The man can sing.. picture him belting out like Martin Nievera, only doing it while acting and oozing major sex appeal!)  I told Alan it would be nice to catch THE WEDDING SINGER — and doing things in reverse this time.  Watching a movie they turned into a broadway production.  As a child of the eighties, that should be one memorable experience.