Hoping to get my reading list going

I was about to bring home my copy of MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA this weekend when I thought twice about it because I remembered I still had my latest Glamour, O (Oprah), Parenting and People waiting next to my half-finished Blink.  That “blink” has become a “nap” and I haven’t quite finished reading it yet despite my initial fascination with the simplicity of the ideas presented there.

At lunch as I was trying to feed Angel by his folding Pooh sofa next to my book shelf, I looked up and saw at least another dozen books waiting to be read.  Talk about a reading rut.. I have to get reading — otherwise, I’m not buying any books until this time next year.

Now where’s that book, Blink… have to get going with the “thin slicing”.. (If you have read the book, you will have an idea what I’m talking about.)

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