Hoping to do some crafts again

I purposely didn’t include this in my summer “to-do” list because I am crafting all year round.  And now that it’s warm enough, I can work with paper, I can start knitting scarves for the winter, and I can work on reusing some of the fancy and expensive yarns from one of Alan’s sweaters I’ve decided to keep.

Maybe I’ll finally finish that cross stitch project of the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and get it framed before winter is here again.  I have beads galore to make into chokers and necklaces.  (New York has some of the best bead stores here in the US right on Avenue of the Americas or 6th Avenue towards Herald Square.  Look for the stores between 38th and 34th street.)

I look forward to taking more pictures this summer than last summer.  Now that I have not only my camera but Alan’s as well, that makes for more photos to play around with.  (Not counting those crude shots from my pink Razr.)  Here’s one I’m very proud of — even decked with some scrapbooking elements I made myself.

Working with Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage)

This post is actually in response to WengT’s comment on using Bok Choy.. yes, that is easy to come by around here because the grocery I frequent, Waldbaum’s, sometimes has it on it’s shelves.  (Hooray!)  But I’d rather use bok choy in Nilaga, so for dishes like Tinola, I’d rather use other vegetables to afford Angel some variety.

There are times when I use bok choy as a side dish by itself, steaming the baby bok choy variety and then adding oyster sauce.  Sometimes I would douse it with beef broth and put salt and pepper to taste.  It also goes well with some teriyaki sauce.


Summer "To Do" List

Here I go again with my lists.. this time, things I want to do this summer:

1. Take Angel to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (then have merienda at Cafe Lalo of “You’ve Got Mail” Fame, just across the Museum.. it’s a favorite place I don’t go to often enough).

2. Have brunch at Cafe Charbon (we always end up going there for dinner!)

3. Bring Angel to the Central Park Zoo

4. Have a picnic at Central Park

5. Go wine tasting in New Paltz again

6. Have a wine tasting picnic at Osprey’s Dominion at North Fork

7. Catch Shakespeare at the Park (Free plays staged by known actors.. last I watched was THE SEAGULL with Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken starring in 2001..)

8. Watch THE WEDDING SINGER on Broadway plus another play if we can find the time

9. Visit Montauk again

10. Visit a New Jersey lighthouse this time

11. Work on my French (I do intend to go back to Paris — perhaps end of this year if Alan gets to go again!)

12. Lose weight (a forever to do!)

13. Do more scrapbooks

14. Sort through my magazines and get rid of those I can finally let go of

15. Read, read, read! (Let’s set a quota of at least 6.. starting with BLINK.. LOL)

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Blogging at 10PM on a Monday night

I can’t believe it’s 10PM and I am dead tired.  I couldn’t even bear to stand in the kitchen while cutting up the chicken and asparagus for Angel’s meal — I had to sit down and cut it while seated. 

Monday at work wasn’t really chaotic — it’s just having to deal the usual household chores tonight overwhelmed me. 

Dinner was rather simple — more of last night’s Sinigang na Baka, I recycled some of the Arroz a la Cubana into ground beef quesadillas, and Alan had his Jalapeno corned beef courtesy of Purefoods.  Everyone was happy.  I don’t really stock up on Angel’s food because I’d rather have him eat fresh food as often as I can manage it, so tonight, I had to take care of tomorrow and possibly the following day’s lunch.

He’s in daycare one last week.  My Mom is booked on a flight arriving this Saturday weekend.  We would’ve planned a trip out of town for the long weekend but we’re now thinking of just doing a day trip or at most an overnight trip to Sesame Place.  Meanwhile, I’ve been finalizing my bilins which really aren’t much considering I just came from Manila myself.  It will be such a relief to have Mommy here again.  Finally!  Plus there’s the added perk of her occasional cooking — I don’t want to burden her too much with cooking here because it’s enough that she takes care of her apo, but from time to time, she indulges a special request for some dish or other.

I guess now Alan and I can start going out again as we used to — and start accepting those invitations for night outs from friends again.  And we can go on our usual weekly movie or dinner date beginning next week.  Not that we would mind giving that up again to be with the little tyke.  Almost back to normal.. just counting the days.