Working with Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage)

This post is actually in response to WengT’s comment on using Bok Choy.. yes, that is easy to come by around here because the grocery I frequent, Waldbaum’s, sometimes has it on it’s shelves.  (Hooray!)  But I’d rather use bok choy in Nilaga, so for dishes like Tinola, I’d rather use other vegetables to afford Angel some variety.

There are times when I use bok choy as a side dish by itself, steaming the baby bok choy variety and then adding oyster sauce.  Sometimes I would douse it with beef broth and put salt and pepper to taste.  It also goes well with some teriyaki sauce.


0 thoughts on “Working with Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage)

  1. Bok choy with oyster sauce! Yay! I have some in the fridge right now and I might have to try this soon! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the suggestion and you know, because of your tinola blog entry, I made some yesterday and baon ko sha ngayon! πŸ™‚


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