Having Cab on a Tuesday night

Sometimes Alan gets the craving to open one of our wine bottles on the rack, and since we were having a steak dinner tonight (nothing fancy, just had it with some baked macaroni on the side), we opened a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

I am not really (and never was) a drinker — but I’ve learned to appreciate wine and its attributes by association with Alan.  I personally prefer the Reislings which are fruitier in taste, but I cannot indulge myself too much because my tolerance for alcohol is rather low.  (This from someone whose favorite cocktail is a Weng-weng.. LOL)  Seriously, I’ve gotten drunk on guzzling merlot one time at a dinner party, one time Alan and I went out, I passed out on him the minute I lay on the bed, with all my clothes on.  Thankfully, I haven’t done anything scandalous, and I have never gotten drunk to the point that I no longer knew what was happening.

Tonight, I’m relaxing with my second glass.  (And that’s it for me — I have work tomorrow, you know..)  There was a time a cardiologiest recommended I drink a glass with some light aspirin every night when my heart felt like it was getting ready to conk out on me.  We ran a gamut of tests down to the very expensive nuclear stress test, but they didn’t find anything beyond an extra heartbeat which another doctor detected just by listening to my pulse.  (Thank God for insurance!)

But back to drinking my wine.  It used to be that it was just red and white wine as we know it and refer to it in Manila.  Here, I learned the distinction not just between red and white, but the different kinds of red and whites, and I have even experimented with varietals. 

One of the favorite getaways Alan and I indulge in is to go wine tasting here in the New York area.  There are wineries in the North Fork area of Long Island (near our favorite outlet) and we discovered a bunch up at New Paltz area (very near Woodstock of the hippie mega concert fame).  There are even more further upstate but we haven’t gone that far yet.  (And yes, I do plan to write about going wine tasting one of these days.) 

Wine is likewise an essential part of dining — and we are very grateful to the restaurants who have their own wine-pairing suggestions as they recognize that the proper wine, paired with a certain dish, enhances the gastronomic experience during the meal. 

I’m no oneophile, Alan is a budding one — I drink for the pleasure of drinking.  It is always a pleasure to sip a glass with a taste to your liking, but like sashimi or oysters, it’s an acquired taste.  This one I’m still getting used to, but I like the way I’ve grown into it.

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