Precious Pictures

I had lost a good chunk of my pictures from the Baguio trip last April 23, and I didn’t get to retrieve it until an hour ago courtesy of BadCopy Pro  software which I purchased to be able to re-read a rewritable disk that wasn’t working right.  Of the 200+ pictures it read, 93 were from the batch I had “lost”.  Photographs can be so precious.  I’m still smarting from Alan’s memory stick pro which I somehow “fried” in between downloads — thankfully, I managed to take 75% of the photos stored there before it held back the 25%.  The biggest loss were photos of Angel’s first hair cut. =( I have tried to see if the pictures we lost are retrievable through a similar software to BadCopy, but it seems the data has been corrupted beyond recovery.

A memory card reader I bought from CD-R King seems to be the culprit, because after I tried to download the rest of the card from the card reader, that drive no longer functioned and is no longer readable.  I guess that was false economy working against me.  It was a cheap card reader, but it did more damage than good.

I had promised my siblings a picture VCD of all the pictures I had taken, and I have a ton!  It’s just so beautiful to see my niece, nephew and Angel so alive in these photographs.  While there are hardly any pics (is there even one?) of the three of them together, I have beautiful photos of each one or at least two of them in the frame.

The scrapbooks will come in time. =)  I want to concentrate on Mom’s scrapbook of Angel’s first six months and photograph that for my own records, then I am working on scrapbook/journal for a very dear friend of mine.

Meanwhile, I’m going to burn file CDs of the digital pictures now that I have them all before anything happens to the digital media I’ve had them stored in.  USB keys can get lost, and this hard drive might crash taking memories with it.

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