Remembering Baguio

For all the urbanization and crowding of modern-day Baguio, the summer capital will always be special to me because I spent every summer there until I hit college when other things started interesting me after the regular schoolyear ended.  My brother Nikky and I took a short trip there after I heard mass at the Shrine of our Lady of Manaoag the first Sunday I was in Manila. The van depot is easy to find if you ask around — P60/person and you get a ride to the City of Pines.  You get dropped off along the way or at the van depot at the back of Burnham Park once in Baguio.

It looked different but it felt the same.  Too many vehicles (hence the accompanying pollution), SM has found a perch in what used to be a beehive of the elite, The Pines Hotel.  I had fun mostly because it was a great bonding opportunity with Nikky.  No matter how different Baguio was, I had a thousand and one memories that made that short trip truly meaningful.

Nikky wanted to walk to SM which was visible from Burnham but I cautioned him that it was deceiving.  We chose instead to take a jeepney ride and he was graceful later that he heeded my warning because it would’ve been a walk and a climb.

Before anybody chides me for going to SM, let me make it clear I didn’t go there to shop.  I needed load for my globe SIMcard.. LOL.. But was I glad I went there because SM Baguio will afford you a vista of two sides of the mountain landscape you cannot afford to miss.  Thanks to Bad Copy Pro, here’s a sampling..(All pictures are thumbnails.  Click on them and larger versions will open in a new window..)


Breathtaking, don’t you agree?  It was muggy then but it was awe-inspiring nonetheless.  It made the trip worth it after all..


Mines View Park is now a maze of stores to get the cliffside — we finally did but I didn’t dare venture to where everyone was crowding to.  It was enough to behold this.


My and my fascination for photographing things in motion.  On Kennon Road on the way home — I call this a ghost on the highway.

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