Closer to the Weekend

I can’t believe it’s Thursday tomorrow already.. Angel’s last day at day care, the boss returns from California (but I still don’t see him which is good and bad at the same time..), it means I’m closer to my long weekend now (4th of July is Tuesday!), and I probably have a short day on Friday and I’m keeping my fingers crossed the boss sends me home earlier than usual.  (2PM would be good!)

I just finished cooking Angel’s viand for tomorrow, Alan is pecking at his laptop e-mailing his boss.  I’m blogging.  (Can’t do it at work anymore because all blog-related sites have been blocked!) 

We had Tempura tonight, by the way, complete with panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) — thanks for noting the mispelling, Dheena..  It would’ve been great to use my Camaron Rebosado recipe for the batter, but I can’t find the cookbook where I have it.  I should’ve remembered it in my personal website but I had a spark of genius and decided to use some buttermilk pancake mix instead.  (It’s one of those supposedly gourmet mixes which didn’t quite meet my standards.. )  However, instead of adding a whole egg, I only added the egg whites which was what my rebosado recipe required.  Then I dipped the shrimp in panko and fried it.  Voila!  Shrimp Tempura..

Alan and I shied away from the Thai Chili sauce that we resort to when I don’t have the energy to actually make the dipping sauce (complete with mirin, etc.) — but tonight, I just had it with mayo and ketchup which tasted great.  Yummy!

0 thoughts on “Closer to the Weekend

  1. leen2

    hi! i’ve not been on the internet for sometime except for some rush projects. i missed your interesting and enlightening blog entries. i hope i can catch up and read all those i missed. scrapbook making looks addicting but i’d like to try it. what would you suggest i do/learn first? thanks.


  2. I just love tempura! I was able to make some here in Switzerland, thanks to an instant tempura batter mix (you just add a bit of water) I bought from a Pinoy who gets her food supplies from an Asian market in Zurich and Basel.

    This tempura batter mix can be bought in the Philippines, too. The label is Kasugai (10-oz.). I highly recommend it.


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