Craft Report from the Scrapbooking Newbie

Scrapbooking is something that I have enjoyed immensely but which has been a real learning experience for me.

I started right after my trip to Paris last year in February as I endeavored to document that very memorably journey I took to the City of Lights.  It was good that I refused to splurge and spend on scrapbook kits and elements.  Instead, I used internet resources to find scrapbook sites for ideas and paper and elements for printing.  I accummulated a lot of digital scrapbook paper along the way and have stashed them in folders in a bin I have.   I started making my embellishments myself.  I would stay up late “piecing” or “stitching” together paper to make the 12×12 layout I had chosen.  I had the pictures, I had the elements, but I was lost as to layout and embellishments.

Towards the latter part of the year, I started a scrapbook for Mom chronicling her first months with Angel here in New York.  This turned out to be a better vehicle for creative expression as I became better versed at coordinating scrapbook kits to make them more visually pleasing.  While I used printed photographs for some pictures, I was able to create layouts with enlargements and some photo effects.  The scrapbook is essentially finished and now just needs the journal entries and dates for captions.  I meant to bring this home to Manila but never did.  (Blame it on the dozens of other things Mom preferred to prioritize bringing home.)  I hope to document the scrapbook by taking photographs once done for my own records.  (Photographing the layouts, though, is another matter altogether.)

Since I started scrapbooking, I look at paper and textures in a different way now.  I cannot wait to go to IKEA to get more fabric swatches which I can use as embellishments.  I had cut out the letters with the darker shades and stitched them onto the lighter reds.  (I will take a photograph and post it here.)  Every time I go into a Home Depot or paint store, I pick out swatches and get 6-8 of my chosen color because they make such good tag materials.  When I go to the dollar store now, I look at the twines and ribbons to check out what I could plop onto a scrapbook layout like the twine I featured a while back. 

Except for purchasing the scrapbook itself, additional page fillers, and some paper stock (colored but undecorated), as well as a self healing mat and some cutters, I have kept my expenses to a minimum.  I’m starting to experiment on doing my own digital elements (such as the summer photo overlay of Angel’s photo in a recent post) and will be toying with doing my own alphas (alphabets) through Paint.  Taking it a project at a time, I am amazed at all the free resources out there.  One can never run out of sources for more ideas, each more inspiring than the next.

0 thoughts on “Craft Report from the Scrapbooking Newbie

  1. leen2

    its me again. i likewise thought of making scrapbooks with the usual “hard copY” but you know its fun as well to do the digital version. if its ok with you, can you share with me your favorite scrapbook sites? thanks and have a wonderful day!


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