In between chores

I’m sitting up here in bed, laptop on my lap, taking a half hour break from housework.  I’ve fed everybody their breakfast (Angel his oatmeal, the dad a chicken longsilog complete with brewed coffee, sliced tomatoes and suka with siling labuyo), washed the dishes and straightened out the kitchen — and I’m giving myself another 13 minutes to go online before I hit the chores again.  (Have to get Mom’s bed ready, take her stuff down from the attic, wash what needs washing if any, and then get the baby bag ready for lunch out.)

It doesn’t help that I have a cold that’s been bugging me the past few days.  (Where’s that Neozep pad of tablets I had leftover from Manila?)  But I’ll live.. haha!

We need to get a replacement flourescent light for the kitchen so that means we’re heading out to Target later.  Maybe get Angel some of his diapers again.  (As you can see, I’m doing my shopping list here.. LOL).. and maybe get the birthday cards for July.  (Dad and Audrey!)  At least I am no longer in daycare baon mode so I need not worry about the apple juice tetra packs although I will still get a few for Angel’s daily snack.

(7 minutes and counting)  I’ve managed to clean up my fridge of leftovers that are no longer worth reheating for replay, clearing space for the goodies Mom’s bringing.  (I have pastillas, cheese tarts and some yema coming.. hooray!)  I have a long weekend ahead and I’m good for the meals actually — thanks to my mother-in-law’s afternoon trips to the grocery in the neighborhood and my own stocks, we wouldn’t need to go out for food even if we decided to stay home all weekend.  (And of course we’re not doing that!)

I even replanted a sampaloc seed which sprouted in one of my tiny planters — one out of 10 isn’t bad.  (The others refused to open and just lay there and “dried up”.)  When I uprooted it using a plastic spoon from the planter where my fortune plant was in, it turned out it had a 3-inch main root.  THERE IS HOPE!  My tiny garden is taking shape..

Fortunately, the sun’s out and it’s nice outside today.  I think the rain will spare us even just today.  (Keeping fingers crossed..)  Here’s to a sunny start to our fourth of July weekend..

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