Lily's Peanut Butter Forever!

Alan went out with some friends last night and didn’t come home til very late, so he’s in the room snoozing, trying to catch up with sleep.  I managed to put Angel to bed to take his afternoon nap just a few minutes ago.  We haven’t had lunch (except Angel).. I decided to have a light snack of potato bread with Lily’s Peanut Butter.  While it is readily available from the Filipino stores here, I brought 2 containers of Lily’s Peanut butter from the last trip home, and I will take Lily’s over Jif, Skippy’s or any other brand here in the US, anytime!

I’m already on my second container because the first went the last time my mother-in-law cooked Kare-kare.  It’s one of my favorite comfort foods to have — gives you that warm feeling inside, brings back memories of childhood meriendas and school baon, and satisfies my sweet tooth.

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