My Recommended Scrapbook Sites

In response to Leen-leen’s request for other scrapbook links, here are more recommendations.  There are a ton of digital scrapbook sites out there that I am still discovering new ones whenever I surf the web.  Just google the search string “digital+scrapbooking+freebies” (don’t forget the + sign) will yield some of the most popular scrapbooking sites.  There are also several scrapbook site ranking sites that will give you a listing of the same scrapbook homes on the web.

In March of this year, I had written about three scrapbook sites I highly recommended here.  Since then, I have discovered The Digital Scrapbook Place, Digital Design Essentials, Digital Freebies among others.  I have continued to resist the urge to purchase anything for my scrapbooks, instead relying on downloadable papers, embellishments and elements from these websites.  They are also full of layout ideas that will truly inspire you to work with to immortalize your own memories.  As Toni warned, scrapping can be addicting!

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