Thanks for the feedback..

I used to be able to respond to each feedback point for point even with just a simple “Thank you”, but these days, there are too many to reply to individually, so I have opted for moderation.  I have found that with my limited time to post (I only do it in the evenings now even if I get to draft my posts during the day), and the hundred and one things I want to write about, sometimes an e-mail “thank you” is all I can manage.

So please provide a working e-mail or a working URL, otherwise, I cannot respond to you here in my blog or through e-mail.

Which brings me to Jane who wrote that she wishes she could be busy at work and still blog.. the thing is, you have to be spontaneous in writing to be able to do it during your coffee break, between e-mails, or during lunch time which is when I sit down in front of my computer to browse the latest edition of Philippine Star on the web, answer e-mails, write new ones, and put a quip here.

Blogging to me is like just speaking my mind out, literally.  If I’m not online, I’m writing longhand.  (I have a journal or two I’m putting together to send to friends later, and I enjoy writing real letters, not just e-mails.) 

The trade off, I think is either you write or you bloghop.  Much as I enjoy reading the blogs I read (please refer to my sidebar), I do more of the writing, and then read on my leisure time (like the weekend).

If you can manage a post like this in 5 minutes, then it shouldn’t be a problem.  If you need to compose your thoughts, edit and re-edit and re-edit a couple of times more, then you will end up spending an eternity in front of the screen.  My thing about blogging is, it’s supposed to be spontaneous.  Much as I hate misspellings and grammatical errors, I do fall prey to those pitfalls.

Good luck with the blogging.. keep it simple, keep it real, and it won’t take much out of your day.

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