Cap sleeve tees in various colors

It’s summer in New York and while I’m 20 lbs too heavy to indulge in wearing camis, I think I can do cap sleeve tees.  I came home with half a dozen, and Mom brought me another half dozen.  I have 2 black ones, one which I intend to decorate with my own pop art.  (Black is black, and like the infamous little black dress, you cannot have too many black shirts… just as you cannot have too many pairs of black pants if you work in an atmosphere where business casual or business attire is the norm.)  While I cannot wear them to the office unless worn under a blazer or a more formal top, they come in handy during weekends like this.

I bought mine for 2 for P130 and 2 for P170 over at 168 Mall in Divisoria, translating into just over $1.00 each (!)  Mom got some of hers from the tiangges in Greenhills.  They’re easy to wash and readily survive our washing machines here.  What’s more, it’s breathable cotton so they are perfect for the coming hot summer days.

Perfect to wear with a pair of HerBench light denim capris I bought in 2002.  It can get real hot here in the summer days.  There are constant heat wave warnings flashed throughout the day so you can imagine how hot “hot” can be.  I always love this part of the year — after all, I came from some place where hot is the norm.

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