Sunday in the middle of a long weekend

We did our laundry midway through the holiday weekend so we could rid ourselves of that chore and enjoy Monday and Tuesday off.  I’m typing away on the laptop in the dark as Angel sleeps not too far away.  It’s been a quiet day.  Alan and I went on our first real “date” since Mom’s vacation — and we had decided to watch Superman Returns but the projector in the moviehouse we chose conked out twice.  Management decided to issue movie passes for any movie next time to all who were disappointed, so we didn’t get to finish the blockbuster.

The cinephile he is, Alan was quite disappointed considering it took away 2 hours of our precious afternoon out.  I just took it in stride. It was a bummer but things happen.

Mom’s still adjusting but her jetlag hasn’t been all that bad.  It’s so delightful to watch her and Angel interacting again.  Even if he gets away with practically everything with his Lolas, for the most part, he still defers to their reminders when he starts overstepping the boundaries.  He is in his terrible twos indeed, and it’s getting to be quite a test of patience most of the time — I haven’t quite run out just yet, but it can be trying. 

He’s enjoyed the weekend the most because everyone is around.  And our weekend is complete because it gives us more time to spend with our little bundle of joy.