What's for dinner?

That’s one of Alan’s favorite questions during the day.  Unless he is extremely busy (in which case I only hear from him half as often), Alan and I talk around 3-4 times in the course of the day. 

“How are things at work? — Busy?”  (Yup, busy here, too..)

“Did you call your Mom?  How’s Bubu?”  (to which I reply, “I guess they’re fine, she hasn’t called me.”)

“I’m leaving here later at ___…” (depending on whether there is a conference call, meeting, the boss is around, etc.)

“What’s for dinner tonight?” (and I can see him smiling as he asks..)

So even if I’m dead tired by the time I walk up to our place, I feel inspired to whip something up.  The pressure is on more so now that the two Moms are around (my Mom and his Mom), but the main audience is really the king of the house.  Tonight I had pork chops marinated in a Hawaiian sauce (bottled as a 30-minute marinade but in which I had the pork chop marinading in all night and all day) and I made some chicken macaroni salad.  (Got rid of the rotisserie chicken left over from the weekend, plus I’m trying to rid the pantry of any regular pasta as we’re shifting to whole wheat pasta on the way to Somersizing.)

To keep the pork chops healthy, I didn’t fry them but instead cooked it in the Turbo cooker (this is not like the turbo cooker we are used to in Manila) which let the pork chop cook in its natural juices plus very little water and the marinade, then when the liquid had evaporated, there was just enough fat in which to brown the pork chop in.  Alan was happy so I’m happy.. now what am I making for dinner tomorrow night?


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