The Poor Man's Microwave

My high school batch is celebrating our silver jubilee in a year and a half and I’ve been regrouping with people from the batch.  My contribution to this whole she-bang is my work on the website which has give me a chance to work with one of the real artists in our group, Millet Henson.  She’s helping us out with the graphics/artwork, and I’m trying to make something readable on the web.  It’s been slow as we all have our dayjobs — and with practically 300 people in the batch, dealing with personalities has become frustrating at times but Millet’s humor has been refreshing in the face of otherwise challenging characters.

Now a freelance artist, Millet’s body of work in animation makes me proud to be — even if distantly — related somehow to her genius.  Google the name for a complete listing and you’ll know what I mean.  (Please don’t say baka maiyak ka na naman.. LOL)  What knocks me off my feet is her irreverent humor which never fails to hit me hard.

Talking about the turbo cooker as we know it in Manila, Millet stopped by with this comment:

my mom WORSHIPS her philippine-assembled turbo. we always called it the ‘poor man’s microwave’ 🙂


We had one of these, too, back home and I thoroughly enjoyed cooking with it.  So imagine my shock when I got Chef Randall’s Turbo cooker here.  Totally different.  But Millet’s right in saying this is the poor man’s microwave — not quite the same but works along the same lines.  I was actually thinking about getting one the last time I was in Manila until I realized I didn’t have room despite the luggage allowance for four passengers.  Maybe next time..


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