When the day starts with rain

I woke up to the familiar smell of fresh dew outside.  I looked out the window and realized it had been raining.  The airconditioner drowned out the pitter-patter of the rain but the atmosphere outside was undeniably wet.  It was one of those mornings when I would’ve chosen instead to stay home and just sleep the day away — but work was a big distraction.

The rain had stopped by the time I walked out the door.  It’s been mild all day — but there’s still a threat of rain all week.  Give us more, I say — it’s been scorching hot in New York.  We hit the high 70s today which is H-O-T, but it does not quite hit you as hard as the kind of heat we know in Manila.

Maybe it’s because my brain was preconditioned to think of resting and just lazing away that I ended up feeling lethargic at work.  I did manage to work, but I had to postpone a few things for tomorrow. 

It was totally dry by the time I headed home.  It was a sight to see my baby down by the walk with one of his grandma’s and he excitedly met me halfway.  That smile completely energized me!  It gave me my second wind to end the day right.

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